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The Voice Of TV: "One very long month has passed since the cast of Smallville graced us with their presence on a Friday night and I’m happy to report they were back in top form. Of course, with an episode title like 'Kent' I would expect nothing less. In my review of episode 10.16, “Scion,” I talked once again about how the presence of John Glover on the small screen can’t help but enhance the viewing pleasure. The same can be said for tonight’s guest star. John Schneider reprises his role as Jonathan Kent and I, for one, couldn’t be any happier."

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alycakes3680d ago

I loved this episode and I'm going to miss Smallville when it's gone. I knew it had to come to an end at some time or another because I read somewhere that in the contract he could never use the title "Superman" and that's why he's only been the "Blur" so far.

I don't know if they will alow him to exit as Superman or not but we'll see. It's been a good series and they've grown up right in front of our eyes. They've had a good run...too bad he's too old to be the next Superman in the movie world.