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It's finally come, the moment we've all been waiting for: Will Ferrell's guest appearance on The Office, and it was worth the wait. Not only was "Training Day" funny and well-written overall, but the real strength of the episode was that it actually, and surprisingly, avoids Will Ferrell's standard humor. For the most part. Not that I don't like Ferrell, I do, but we didn't get "Will Ferrell playing Will Ferrell," or some modified regurgitation of Ron Burgundy or Ricky Bobby as I had feared we might: The Office created a completely original character in Deangelo Vickers (what a name, by the way), and one that fit perfectly within the context of the show.

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-MD-3485d ago

A 9? Nice. I'm about to watch it. I hope Will has some good lines.

Garethvk3485d ago

I just do not see how it will survive without Steve. The show has gone down in quality the last two seasons and has had more than a fair share of episodes that were not that funny. Perhaps a new boss will jolt things up but very few shows survive the loss of the lead character.

kisforkobra3485d ago

i agree with you...unless the rumors are true that will arnet will be replacing steve carell. if arnet joins the office i think it will be one hell of a show...

Megaton3485d ago

I don't see it either, and I agree about the decline. It just doesn't feel the way it used to.

Garethvk3485d ago

I think they have a curve ball coming. I heard ray Romano and a female character are in the lead for the part. They did confirm Gervais, Romano, and Will for Steve's last show but I would not put it past them to toss a curve ball at us and introduce the manager and fade to black. I know Tim Allen was approached but he did not want to try to follow Steve.

-MD-3485d ago

Eh it was a mediocre episode. Will Ferrell's character is a total dick.

JL3485d ago

I actually liked this episode and thought it was pretty funny. Ferrell did do a good job. Of course, I think a big part of it too was due to the way Ferrell and Carrell played off of each other. So, I'm still kinda hesitant about how well this show will hold up after Steve is gone.

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