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The Media Stomp - Scream 4 Review

Jeremy of The Media Stomp wrote, "After eleven long years, Scream 4 is finally here! A sequel we didn't necessarily need, but a sequel that lots of us wanted! I absolutely hated Scream 3 and it certainly wasn't a good way to end such a good series of films, which is why Scream 4 ended up being a blessing in disguise. These types of sequels rarely capture the same feeling of the original films, especially with such a gap in time between the last films, but Scream 4 manages to defeat almost all of the obstacles and end up being a good film and a nice addition to the series. While it doesn't bring anything new to horror, like the first one did, it still felt like a breath of fresh air for horror, considering most mainstream horror these days is crap. It felt like it was made in the 90's with updated technology, and you know what, I enjoyed it!"

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