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Cerebral Pop | Insufficient Funds: The Short Films of Ruairi Robinson

Alex Cronk-Young writes: Short films seems to be an ever-growing testing ground of sorts for upcoming movie directors on the Internet. With a possible audience of millions, it's much easier for a well done short to garner attention from movie studios. Just look at the career of Neill Blomkamp as a prime example. If I had to guess who would be the next Blomkamp based on their released shorts, it'd be Ruairi Robinson.

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JL3487d ago

I thought Blinky was actually really good. Definitely an interesting watch. Made me kinda want to see it done if feature length.

Soldierone3486d ago

It had its issues, but was really a lot better than most short films I have seen.A lot of good aspects, and a great story.

It made me laugh, and I enjoyed it so much that everyone that knows me finally figured out how demented I am haha.

JL3486d ago

Yea it had it's faults, but still enjoyable. Like you said, definitely better than many shorts I've seen.

On a side note: my family and friends have long known how demented and twisted I can be lol