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Dr Chris "Scream 4 is the slasher movie horror fans may or may not have been waiting for. Back in 1996, when Scream first debuted, the horror industry was circling the toilet. And with Jason, Michael and Freddy having had their last foray at the box office years prior, we were not sure what was to come in the future. The original Scream was one of those perfect little films, combining a killer (excuse the pun) script from then newcomer Kevin Williamson with the proven scary movie talents of Wes Craven. It was funny, scary and it contained a well-done murder mystery."

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JeromeChance3480d ago

Havent seen it yet. I probably will though. I have OCD when it comes to completing series. Looks like it should have been called "Scary Movie" though.

MarronMarvel3480d ago

I was dubious about seeing this movie, but I think I will give it a chance. Great write-up!

NuyoRiquena3477d ago

I wasn't sure about the latest iteration but I am going to watch it anyway because I like the serious - regardless if anyone agrees with me! :) I obviously thought it was a good review though.

TheDCD3477d ago

Good to see the series sorta back on track.

Nightminx3476d ago

Never saw the ones before and probably never going to see this one! lol they just don"t seem appealing to me