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Time Period Of 'Captain America' Sequel Still Undecided

Latino Review:

Marvel really couldn't be any more dead serious when it comes to turning every single one of their popular heroes into film franchises. 'Captain America: The First Avenger' doesn't hit theaters until the summer, but star of the film Chris Evans is already locked into a couple of sequels. Whereas 'First Avenger' is set during World War II, it's unclear whether the sequels will follow suit or if they'll be set in modern times like Joss Whedon's upcoming 'Avengers.'

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shadow27973674d ago

I'm no expert, but shouldn't they decide this before they finish The First Avenger, since, I'm assuming, the end of the First Avenger will tie into the discovery of Captain America in the Avengers movie?

I would probably prefer the sequels to be WWII era, simply because Cap is more of a team player in modern times. I can't see him going off on his own to fight after joining the Avengers.