Movie Version Of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns In The Works

Bleeding Cool says

It’s going to get rather crowded out there, with alternative Batmen cropping up left, right and centre. We’ll barely be over Christian Bale* when a reboot will see another lucky young man dropped into the role, and there are plans for another, different Bats to appear in a Justice League feature. Add to this the various animated Batmen, from Kevin Conroy, Diedrich Bader and Bruce Greenwood.

Too much Batman? Or never enough?

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Crazay3484d ago

Frank Miller has always had a good vision and from what I've been told The Dark Knight Returns is a really good comic.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33484d ago

Actually, Frank Miller is kind of terrible. I believe this version of the Batman mythos includes a prostitute catwoman among other laughable interpretations.