'All My Children,' 'One Life to Live' Canceled

ABC has announced that the network is “evolving” its daytime offerings by canceling “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” and making room for two new shows.

The two longtime staples of afternoon TV-viewing will conclude in September 2011, and January 2012, respectively.

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Cat3687d ago

JL, this gem is for you.

darklordzor3687d ago

Cat, I'm not used to seeing you around these parts so much...are we in trouble?

LOL, always good to see you around!

Cat3687d ago

I always make time to post on here so that you can give me a hard time about posting on here... ;)

JL3686d ago

HAHA I switched over to the FilmWatch tab and started reading and was like "What the hell?" when I noticed that the hottest news at the moment was some crazy Soap Opera stuff.

Then of course, I saw your name and was like "Is she trying to mess with me?". Sure enough, first comment verifies my thoughts.

darklordzor3687d ago

So crazy! Those shows have been on forever, I wonder what they're all going to do now. That's a lot of actors suddenly out of work.

Cat3687d ago

Never having watched soaps, if they added something more in the Spanish soap opera style...I would pretty much have to watch. The Soup's Clippos Magnificos has showed me how awesome they are :D

Christopher3686d ago

Clippos Magnificos came after the best moment in telenovela history.

There's an old guy, stuck in a wheel chair. He dies from a gunshot wound. The part that's the best is when he gets shot, he doesn't slouch over or fall backwards. Nope. This esteemed actor stands up, grasps his chest where he was shot, and then falls on the ground.

Telenovelas, defying the laws of physics and medicine like no one else ;)

Cat3686d ago

That. Is. Fantastico.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33686d ago

Noooooo! Now I'll never find out who killed JR!

Cat3686d ago


Who is JR? We need summaries, cliffs notes, character profiles!!

darklordzor3686d ago

I think he's making a Dallas joke/reference. OLD!

Reibooi3686d ago

It's about time.

I mean I know there are alot of people out there that like these things(and i will never know why)

But they are filled with some of the worst acting you will ever hear(ear bleedingly bad at times) and some of the most insane nonsensical story lines ever written. I'm gonna laugh when they try to wrap up the stories on these shows because it's basically impossible.

Hopefully whatever they replace them with won't be as horrible. One can hope anyway.

_Q_3686d ago

AWWW My comment last night didnt post?

Damn it. Not being first takes the sting out....

I said the both can rot in hell or something... The message still stands.

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