7 of the Strangest and Unexplainable Film Curses

TMP takes a look at some of the most notorious "curses" that have seemingly plagued Hollywood over the years. Chronicling odd circumstances and strange occurrences, some of these instances are just plain creepy, but all are pretty hard to explain away as coincidence.

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darklordzor3687d ago

Creepy...but I love these types of things. So fun to sit down and think about. I'm just glad that The Hobbit didn't end up on this list, because it was really starting to seem like that movie was cursed and would never get made.

I think the weirdest one has to be the James Dean thing. I didn't know about that with his car...crazy.

JL3686d ago

Interesting read. Obviously I don't believe in these things being curses just freak coincidence, but still makes for a fun read.

darklordzor3686d ago

Those are some big coincidences though man. I guess I'm more superstitious and into the paranormal stuff, so I'm a little more willing to believe in some of these things. Don't get me wrong, some of them are definitely coincidences, but there a few that give me pause.

JL3686d ago

Yea see I'm not into that superstition and stuff. Furthermore, there's a known effect (something similar to placebo) where if people believe there to be a curse or something like that, things will start happening, they'll subconsciously put themselves in situations for things to happen (in a sense). Furthermore, 10 to 1 says not all of that in there is true.

alycakes3682d ago

Some of what both of you say is true. I've lived a while and take it from me....strange things (and I mean strange) do happen.