'Man of Steel' Will Reveal A New Krypton & More

Latino Review says:

Earlier today we posted that Diane Lane briefly spoke with E! Online stating that she has in fact read the script for the new Superman movie titled "Man of Steel," which Zack Snyder is directing and Christopher Nolan producing.

Lane of course is playing Martha Kent, the adoptive mother of the titled hero played by Henry Cavill.

She gave hints at the film's structure by saying:

"It does cover the entire range of years, from infancy on."

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Crazay3487d ago

There's some really good info in here and the "tipster" has credibility.

darklordzor3487d ago

I'm really tired of seeing the origin story. Even non-comic book fans (or people who didn't really care for the first movies) know the origin of Superman, so I don't understand the need to keep rehashing it.

Crazay3487d ago

I can understand that - I'm not big on it either but I think this is the start of a 3 part series ala Batman. So it's not an entirely bad thing.

darklordzor3487d ago

Could be, but unless they get this legal issue settled, this is going to be their last shot at it. Then it could go to someone else.

Christopher3487d ago

Yeah, but so was The Last Airbender :p

I think it's the dues we have to pay to get to anything good sometimes, though. It's much easier for them to build up their own story rather than starting a new one and people wondering where it's supposed to come from, original Superman or Returns?

JL3486d ago

As far as I understand, they're not going to lose the license on this franchise now. The whole issue was that they had to get started on a movie by this year. So, now that they have that going on I'm pretty sure all is well.

On that note, I do hate origin stories every 5 years it seems. However, looking at the silver lining, I am curious to see what Krypton looks like. With today's technology/CGI combined with Snyder's vision....I bet it's going to look pretty awesome.

alycakes3479d ago

Well they need to get it into geer...what year is it suppose to come out? I thought it was coming out this year and now they're just coming to terms and signin on people?