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First Behind the Scenes Look at The Hobbit

Peter Jackson recently posted a video blog on his Facebook page in which he gives us a quick tour behind the scenes of The Hobbit including a few of the sets which you may recognise from LOTR, The art department, Rehearsals, Horse Riding and more.

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shadow27973683d ago

I absolutely love when Directors do this. Awesome preview, can't wait to see more!

alycakes3677d ago

Me too. I am such of fan of Peter Jackson and I loved the Lord of the Rings trilogy...just in awe of it and how they put it together. I watched all the extras on all the hard work it took.

They may make millions and get paid millions but I don't know that I could withstand all they went thru to make the Lord of the Rings and now here they go again.

One of the main actors, Richard Armitage, play a spy in season 9 of MI-5...I'm sad to say that this tells me without watching it all he's going to have to be killed off to be able to stay of this busy schedule with the Hobbit movie. MI-5 doesn't hesitate to kill off main characters though but I really do enjoy watching him on it....hope I'm wrong.