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Do Celebrity Voices Matter in Animated Movies?

Moviefone: The first animated movie I went to see in theaters because a celebrity was doing one of the voices was 'The Lion King.' The celebrity voice was Jonathan Taylor Thomas as young Simba. I was 6 years old.

An animated movie rarely gets made today if there isn't some big-name star attached to voice a character. The trend has certainly put exclusively-voice actors out of a job.

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artrexler3681d ago

Meh, I think that yes the known actors doing animated movies brings in more of an audience. And it does suck that voice actors are losing out on jobs. But I could go either way. I don't necessarily go to a movie because this or that actor is the voice. But I do like trying to guess who the actors are.

Yi-Long3681d ago

... with some movies they do such a good job that you forget within minutes which celebrity it is, and you just associate the voice to the character on-screen...

... but with some celebrities their voices are annoying, or they don't fit, and you just keep thinking 'ow, that's so-and-so', which takes you out of the movie... and which is annoying as hell.

GodofwarGoty3681d ago

I think it does because of People know that these Person is doing a role in these movie they will watch it like rango as an example people knew it had johnny depp in it so People went and watched it.

-MD-3681d ago

It doesn't matter a lot to me. Rio is coming out soon and the main character is voiced by a still relatively unknown actor.

artrexler3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Who's the main character that's still relatively unknown? I think almost all the actors are pretty known. Ever heard of Social Network? Or Zombieland?

-MD-3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Yeah, I have heard of The Social Network and Zombieland and I've watched them both. Walk up to a random guy on the street and ask him if he knows who Jessie Eisenberg is. 20 bucks says he doesn't know unless he's really into movies.

'Relatively' is the key word here. He's not an unknown actor but he's not even close to being a name that people just throw around like Will Smith or Bruce Willis.

newn4gguy3681d ago

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs has one of the best celebrity voice casts ever made and nobody saw it...despite how incredible it was!

-MD-3680d ago

What a fun surprise that movie was. I watched it expecting a mediocre animated movie and I ended up loving it.

newn4gguy3680d ago

Same here. I did NOT see that coming.

Megaton3679d ago

I think sometimes it actually takes me out of the movie (or game). The Illusive Man in Mass Effect 2 is a good example. Instead of thinking of him as The Illusive Man, I couldn't help but think of Martin Sheen every time he spoke. I prefer no-name voice actors.

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