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Rise of the Planet of the Apes 15-Second Teaser, Plus Live WETA Chat Replay

TMP is playing the replay of the live WETA chat that took place earlier in case fans missed it, and on top of that also has the 15-second teaser preview in HD.

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darklordzor3678d ago

I freaking can't wait for this movie. Even this short preview gave me some chills.

GodsHand3678d ago

Almost looks like a remake of Project X.

darklordzor3678d ago

Ha! Very true, actually. It's amazing that this isn't the only film that apes who were tested in a lab, end up destroying the world as we know it (28 Days Later anyone?).

alycakes3673d ago

Project X that's what it reminded me of too....and now that you mention it....28 Days Later.

Won't be too excited until I get a little more to see.