Film Confessional: Source Code Review

There is a leanness and efficiency to Duncan Jones’ Source Code that simply makes me giddy. Opening on a slow-crawl montage of a glossy Chicago cityscape to a nifty little tune by composer Chris Bacon, a kind of pseudo-Hitchcockian burst of energy and intrigue is evoked.

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JL2931d ago

Did Castor get a new site?

On topic: I enjoyed this movie, though I felt there were some weak areas. For instance I would've revisited the train a bit more just to give more of a look at the situation and draw the audience into it more. It just seemed kinda rushed to me.

Also, didn't really get a proper sense of why Gyllenhaal's character would feel for Michelle's character so deeply. This is partly because not going back to that train scene enough didn't provide enough time to truly development that character relationship, I felt.

All in all, though, it was an enjoyable movie, just a bit of a "safe" ending.

GodofwarGoty2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Cant Wait to see these i heared alot of good things about these movie it got good reviews from what i seen

JL2930d ago

Yea it's a pretty good movie. Could've been slightly better, but still definitely worth a watch.

alycakes2923d ago

Wanna see it but couldn't they have given him more than 8 minutes? It was like that show on TV "7 Days" least he had time to do something to prepare.