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Why Are Movie Ticket Sales Down 20 Percent This Year?

Moviefone: I was reading a magazine article recently in which Hollywood moguls and theater owners were wringing their hands about the latest big slump in ticket sales, spelling imminent doom for the whole industry. There were many reasons offered for the slump -- competition from new home-video technology, the rising price of going out to the movies, and the mediocre quality of the films themselves. There were, however, some signs of hope, such as pay-per-view options that were just awaiting the right technology to be workable, or the likelihood of increased demand for quality productions to feed the new 24/7 multichannel appetite for programming. Oh, and one other thing:

The article I was reading appeared 60 years ago in Life magazine.

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-MD-3480d ago

Short answer: Bad movies.

Megaton3480d ago

That's never stopped them before.

GodofwarGoty3479d ago

There needs to be Better Movies out the last good movie was Sucker Punch that i have seen i enjoyed every minute one of the best movie anyways the point is the better the movie or Hype the more it will gain Sells

-MD-3479d ago

OT: You liked Sucker Punch? Critics ripped it apart. I'm still really looking forward to sitting down and watching it though.

Sucks that it already left my theater... I kind of wish I would have seen SP instead of Your Highness.

GodofwarGoty3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

M_D i recommed you watch it was worth it and its really a great movie the action sense which there is alot are really great and the overall story is Good i wish it was out in Bluray M_D if your interested they said that when they release the bluray edition it will have R Footage the things they had to cut so they can put it in theathres

Yeah i know the critics gave it a bad score and said these and that but trust me they have NO IDEA what they are talking about

alycakes3472d ago

They're getting ready to pick up this summer. No matter how bad things get there are two things people will never give up....going out to eat at least once a week and going to the movies. They may switch to matinee instead of taking dates out at night when it's so expensive but they will still be there especially when the spring and summer movies start.