Time Out New York: Scream 4 Review

Time Out New York: Hello yet again, Sidney. The beleaguered Ms. Prescott (Campbell) has returned to her hometown of Woodsboro—the final stop on her self-help book tour and original site of the massacre that claimed the lives of family and friends in Scream (1996). Since then, the Ghostface killer has followed her to college (Scream 2) and the City of Angels (Scream 3), so what would her homecoming be without a little intestine-spilling bloodshed? Director Wes Craven and screenwriter Kevin Williamson get the butchery off to a witty start with a movie-within-a-movie-within-a- movie prelude (fans of Veronica Mars and True Blood are gonna go ape). Then it’s back to the self-aware characters we know so well: Sidney, plus writer’s blocked tabloid reporter Gale (Cox) and dim-witted lawman Dewey (Arquette)—as well as a bunch of franchise newcomers (a Culkin and a Heroes cheerleader among them) who are just begging to have their innards filleted.

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