Filmcritic: Scream 4 Review

Filmcritic: In one of those weird ironies that only a writer would appreciate, a random keystroke (or in this case, an inopportune "shift") gives the title of Wes Craven's latest attempt at recapturing past glories, Scream 4, the far more appropriate printout - Scream $. In reality, it's hard to tell if this new installment is a mere cash grab, or the result of some manner of delusion. What's clear is that expectations, along with time, have taken its toll on the franchise, leaving horror fans wary/waiting of the need for another go round. Of course, director Wes Craven and original series scribe Kevin Williamson don't help matters much. It takes them over an hour to get to a real point, and then once they make it, it's back to the standard red herring/denouement round-up.

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