Charlie Sheen Says "There've Been Discussions" About Him Returning To 'Men'

Deadline says:

Charlie Sheen has been hinting about a possible return to Two and a Half Men for the past week. Tonight, he dropped the biggest hint so far in a radio interview with Boston's sports station WBZ-FM. "There've been discussions, but I was asked not to divulge anything," he said of a potential comeback, which is being complicated by the $100 million lawsuit Sheen filed against Warner Bros.

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-MD-3479d ago

Anyone else sick of Sheen? I've never even seen his show but wow this guy got old fast.

Megaton3479d ago

At first I thought it was hilarious. I even dusted off my old useless Twitter account to follow him and see what kind of cracked out ramblings he'd come up with next.

Within a week I was already bored of it.

-MD-3479d ago

I followed him on twitter too and the day after he joined Twitter he did that live show online which was TERRIBLE. I saw there for an hour watching it wondering what the hell they were trying to accomplish.

I can't imagine how bad his live show is.

Megaton3479d ago

It was funny when he was crashing and burning out. Now it's like... really? A road show?

Soldierone3479d ago

Ha! Did anyone read about his comedy routine sucking? He got boo'd off stage and the "reviews" were terrible. Talks is more like "well I effed up, better try to get back there now."

If I was the studio, Id give him a big hell no. Or better yet "yeah we will take you...for a fourth of what you were getting paid before. Dont like it? well goodbye"

-MD-3479d ago

The first show in Detroit he got a lot of boos and walk-outs but it seems every show since then has improved and he's getting standing ovations.

I don't see why you'd stand up and applause Charlie Sheen... but whatever that's the news lol.

Soldierone3479d ago

Probably him using a few of his millions advertising

If I had that much money id spend a few bucks spinning positive reviews and hiring a few laughers haha

GodofwarGoty3478d ago

well it makes sense if you think about it Two and Half Man is nothing with out Charlie Sheen like alot of shows without the main chacter most of the time they just cancel the show so having charlie back would make the show a hit again.

alycakes3471d ago

I hope he wakes up from this dream he seems to be in because the network says he's not coming back. I loved the show and watched every week but I'm not sure I would if he came back after all this.

There's a lot of other good stuff on to choose from and summer will be here soon so who wants to be stuck in front of a tv all the time...right?