Couch Potato Club Review: Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch is a visual delight from Zack Snyder

Since the day it hit theaters, Sucker Punch has been ripped apart by critics. The biggest complaint: a poor story (well duh, Snyder wrote it – it was never going to be a grand narrative tale). Critics flamed the movie, many calling it the worst movie of the year. As more and more reviews poured in, so the aggregate score of the movie plummeted. However, as the majority opinion became evident, a smaller group began to rise from amongst the fan base to shout, scream and redeem the reputation of Snyder’s latest cinematic foray. Standing up against the majority vote of these uptight critics, a small fan base voiced how awesome the movie was. They even went so far as to break down the layers of Snyder’s tale and illustrate how there’s more than meets the eye; how, when looked at objectively, the movie is really a gem amongst some of the stale features we’ve seen this year. A tale of depth and female empowerment.

I’m here to tell you this: both groups are full of shit.

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