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Daniel Sunjata And Two More Join ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ [Updated]

Germain Lussier of Slash Film writes UPDATE: Variety is now reporting that Sunjata’s role is that of a “courageous special forces operative” and that Diego Klattenhoff and Burn Gorman are also in talks.

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JL3681d ago

Evidence of what I said before of how the hype and secrecy of this project just makes the most mundane and bit part all that much more hyped and "popular".

Defectiv3_Detectiv33681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Personally I subscribe to the theory that this next installment of Nolan's Batman will be a 2-parter, just like the recent Harry Potter. This thing is just getting to big for a single movie to contain it, and when you look at it from a studio perspective there is a lot more money to be made by splitting film up into 2 parts, which seems totally plausible considering TDK./run on sentence.

Besides, it would be nice to see Nolan go out with a bang. As much as I love the origins story of Batman Begins, the film as a whole is a bit underwhelming. Splitting the 3rd film into 2 parts would make a stronger trilogy, and allow him to tie everything together. And let's face it, Nolan is done with Batman after this; so few directors go on to make more than 3 installments of a series (I can't think of any of the top of my head), and rightfully so - I'd rather see him work on something else for a change.

LtSkittles3681d ago

I highly doubt it's gonna be two-parts. I'm sorry, but I don't see another Batman film with Nolan, and the crew as much as I'd like there to be two-parts, with one in 2012, and the second part in 2013. Nolan is going to make this epic, there's no way it can suck, Batman is going out to with a bang. Nolan's probably going to make this one either the same length as The Dark Knight, or longer, that's the only thing I can see happening.

Quagmire3677d ago

A 3 hour Batman Conclusion is what I see your predictions as. Long, but its long enough to go out on a bang without having to split the films into 2 parts.

LtSkittles3677d ago

Yeah, I just can't see a two-parter.