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First Look: Sneak Peek Josh Brolin Playing a Young Tommy Lee Jones in Men In Black 3

Daily Mail says:

Josh Brolin made his debut playing Tommy Lee Jones's role on the set of the new Men In Black movie yesterday - but fans of Mr Jones needn't worry about where the old action hero has gone.
Tommy, 64, is still very much in the movie however - just that this time round, the alien battling blockbuster has a time travel twist to it.

However, Will Smith, 42, still plays himself as Agent J in the scenes supposedly from the 1960s, which were shot in the Bronx, New York, last night - meaning his character must have gone back in time.

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Quagmire3480d ago

Wow, Josh Brolin without a beard! He looks unrecognisable.

Im still suprised why they didnt choose Josh Hartnett as the younger K, considering how similar he looks to TLJ

Christopher3480d ago

Brolin seemed a bit weird considering how much stockier he is and the bigger differences in voice/cadence. But, he looks good in the suit.

Sorry to see that TLJ couldn't do the full movie on his own.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33480d ago

Huh, well at least they are trying to go in an original direction, part 2 just felt like a rehash of the original with a lot of the same gags.

alycakes3474d ago

Not sure about this one yet.