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3 New High-Res Pics of the Green Lantern Costume

Warner Bros has released 3 new promo pictures for Green Lantern. While all of them are older poses from previous packaging, these pictures show off the new full CGI of the suit.

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Sahil3677d ago

Woah, nice and different from the others.

Quagmire3677d ago

After the 4min trailer, this is my most anticipated Comic book hero film aside from TDKR. Thor looks horrendously shit, and I never liked Captian America, and dont even get me started on the SpiderBoy reboot.

darklordzor3677d ago

Yep, I was always looking forward to this film, but after the trailer I had my doubts (I was still excited though), but after that WonderCon footage and these pics, it's easily my most anticipated 2011 comic book film.

alycakes3671d ago

Same here...Ryan Reynolds is going to be great in this. I will be at the first release of the day it starts.