World War Z Going Ahead, Cinematographer Prepping At Studio Right Now

Bleeding Cool says:

Marc Forster‘s film of World War Z appears to be on the absolute tip of the cusp of the verge of crossing the line and entering production. Right as we speak, the film’s cinematographer is busy prepping at one of London’s big film studios.

The DP in question is Robert Richardson, who recently wrapped Martin Scorsese’s Hugo Cabret down at Shepperton. This time he will be working out of another one of our big production bases, over at Elstree. Amongst Richardson’s other credits are Kill Bill, Natural Born Killers and Eight Men Out. He’s commonly referred to as a “stylist” and I can certainly see why.

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Crazay3486d ago


World War Z was awesome. This is going to be a must see movie for this guy.