FlixChatter Review: Hanna

Ronan, who’s barely 17 years old, is the true revelation here in the title role. Obviously has what it takes to follow in Blanchett footsteps (she probably is there already) and has that ‘transformative’ acting quality about her that’s a sign of acting greatness, check out the photo of her in the movie and what she looks like in real life. She’ll undoubtedly be a force to be reckoned with amongst young Hollywood, I look forward to more of her work. Sounds like she’d reunite with Wright for the third time in Leo Tolstoy adaptation Anna Karenina, and rumor has it Wright is courting James McAvoy to join as well, which would be terrific.

All in all, Hanna is a smart thriller that would definitely satisfy fans of action films, but even if suspenseful thrillers aren’t your thing, it’s still worth a watch just for the cast.

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JL3688d ago

This is one that's been on my radar for some time now. A smart action thriller is definitely right down my alley. I'm glad to see it's been getting such good reviews too as that just makes me even more eager to see it. It has that Bourne vibe and I really enjoyed those movies. Also, definitely a nice cast, so that only adds to the potential for the movie.

bEARbEAR3687d ago

Great to hear of all the hype, the trailer had me wanting to see it asap, if I can't find the time to see it in theaters I'll be crushed.

I kid, I'm definitely seeing this soon!

-MD-3687d ago

Pfft theater? Sureee.

Maybe if I pay again.