5 Reasons Why Russell Brand's 'Arthur' Flopped

THR: The comedian's trumpeted debut as a leading man earned only $12.2 million, behind the Brand-voiced toon "Hop" and "Hanna," starring teen shooting star Saoirse Ronan.

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JL3490d ago

I actually watched this last night. Wasn't that bad (not horrible like reviews are making it out). I thought it was entertaining enough. Wasn't great by any stretch of the imagination, but was decent/mediocre. Provided some entertainment and was funny in parts. Definitely could've been better, though.

newn4gguy3490d ago

It's a good movie. Reviewers are so hard to take seriously these days.

JL3489d ago

I agree. Especially with movies like this. The problem is: critics base their criticism off of technical aspects (writing/acting/directing/cine matography/etc). They look at it from a technical/artistic standpoint. But what they forget is that's only half of it really. There's still an entertainment side to it.

That's why you'll see "mindless"/silly entertainment-only type movies like this get pretty beat up in reviews. Meanwhile, boring and pretentious Oscar-bait movies with be raved about amongst critics.

Quagmire3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

If I wanted to watch cavemen say stupid things, I wouldve taken a trip back in time with my DeLorean, thank you very much.

alycakes3484d ago

I liked it. It was entertaining enough and it made me laugh but it wasn't one of those awful romantic comedies that I hate so much. Yes, it could have been better.