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Five Favorite Films With Emma Roberts

RT: Emma Roberts established herself as something of a teen icon in her starring role on Nickelodeon's Unfabulous, but the young actress has been hobnobbbing with celebrities since the day she was born. Her father Eric has had a fruitful Hollywood career spanning more than three decades, and she even spent time on set with her superstar aunt Julia during the prime of her "America's Sweetheart" days. Lately, Roberts has been stepping away from children's entertainment like Nancy Drew and Hotel for Dogs to work on projects that showcase more of her range and allow her to play more mature roles.

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artrexler3675d ago

This girl has got some lame favorite movies! Clueless is so not her generation. She mentioned movies were her favorite because it was funny or because of the actors. She needs to grow up with her views...learn that a film is not good because of the actors but because of the whole production. I rate my movies based on the entertainment, acting, script, continuity, overall feel of the movie, camera action (don't like when movies are in the first person point of view - you're supposed to feel like you're in the action - see Bourne Supremacy/Cloverfield). I'm sure her tastes will grow as she does.