First Mortal Kombat Series Trailer

TheMoviePool: "The Mortal Kombat live action series premieres tomorrow on the Machinima Youtube channel. We have seen many screenshots including Scorpion and Sub-Zero costumes, and a quick fighting scene from the series. Were you happy with all of the leaked footage?Well get a glimpse of even more!"

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-MD-2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

First episode goes up in 30 minutes.

Soldierone2931d ago

They are releasing it at midnight? Friggin awesome! Think ill go hook my comp up to my TV then haha

-MD-2931d ago

The director said midnight on his twitter but no timezone.

Soldierone2931d ago

Awesome Im gonna stay awake to check it out then. Maybe ill watch it again tomorrow with surround sound on if its good. I hope it is, Ive been really excited for it.

-MD-2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

It's up on Machinima's youtube channel!

Edit: It was pretty good. Really well made for a web series but SO short @ 12 minutes. This feels like a complete tease.

Sahil2930d ago

Looks awesome can't wait, am spending my days just looking at their trailers, pictures and more info.

bEARbEAR2930d ago

The first episode is already online if you aren't aware.

bEARbEAR2930d ago

I definitely gotta say I was a bit displeased when the episode ended so quickly but I'm sure it's worth it, can't wait for the next one!

MinimeJer052930d ago

Decent trailer. Not as good as the Rebirth, but it still has potential!

goalweiser2930d ago

Loved it. We just need more people watching. We need to send a message to all the big companies that online video is reliable and more effective way of getting the demographic information they need.

Down with the Nielsen ratings. Long live Online Video where everybody's viewing counts and our opinions can be heard.

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