Alyson Hannigan Back For 'American Reunion'

Deadline says:

Alyson Hannigan has signed to reprise her role in American Reunion, the Universal film that brings back the cast of the raunchy American Pie franchise. Hannigan was the question mark among the original cast when stories about the sequel began popping up. She had the leverage for a nice piece of the pie because the story revolves around her marriage and child with Jason Biggs' character. Hannigan will work in the film before she returns to the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother. She’s repped by APA and Lovett Management.

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-MD-3688d ago

I'm glad she's returning. The other articles on this didn't even mention her in the casting at all so I didn't think she'd be back.

ShAkKa3687d ago

So they are finally making a true Pie sequel... Awesome!
I Liked the first two "spin offs" (Band Camp & Naked Mile) but the last two sucked.