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David Hyde Pierce Goes Insane In First Trailer For The Perfect Host

CinemaBlend says:

When someone mentions the name "David Hyde Pierce," everyone thinks the exact same thing: he's the whiter-than-white guy with perfect diction who played Nigel on Frasier. But after decades of creating an impression like that, it becomes even more fun to play with expectation. Enter The Perfect Host.

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Crazay3678d ago

Nice - this could be a decent flick.

JL3678d ago I gather by that ending there, all those people (except the criminal guy being held captive, plus Hyde himself) are actually just figments of Hyde's imagination.

Looks very eccentric and disturbingly quirky. Could be a fun movie lol.

On a side note, after watching two different CinemaBlend clips now. That teaser trailer ad for Goemon has me interested in that one too.

Christopher3678d ago

I definitely got a more comedic American Psycho vibe from the trailer. Doesn't look bad, though one wonders how they will end it.

JL3678d ago

Yea. Comedic American Psycho sounds like a good way to put it. Definitely interesting nonetheless.

hazelamy3677d ago

nigel? o_O

anyway, it does look interesting.
i think david hyde pierce is one of those actors who is really underrated.