The Best X-Men: First Class Trailer To Date

Bleeding Cool says:

Here’s my favourite X-Men: First Class trailer to date.

It used to be in Russian, now it’s in English. Added bonus: Japanese subtitles. Lovely.

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-MD-3689d ago

The theatrical trailer that ran during Your Highness was actually good. Up until that point I had little interest in seeing it (Vaughn was the draw for me). I really want to see it now and I don't even like x-men.

Crazay3688d ago

The Xmen are awesome. How could you not like them?

Christopher3688d ago

The X-Men has the potential for awesomeness with some great characters, concepts, and material. But, X3 was a pretty big abuse of the content and characters as well as some of the shoddy workings on characters in Wolverine.

artrexler3688d ago

this looks interesting...when they started doing the beginning thing with wolverine I didn't think it would include a beginnings for Professor X and Magneto. Very interesting. I'm excited to see it. I've enjoyed at least the entertainment factor in all the movies.

ShAkKa3687d ago

That looked like a fan made trailer. Looking forward to the movie though.

tunaks13687d ago

still feel nothing but "meh" towards this and the spiderman reboot,

Quagmire3687d ago

What about Green Lantern? Thats my most anticipated aside from TDKR

tunaks13686d ago

im pleasantly surprised by Green Lantern,
so far Captain America and Green Lantern looks pretty good. Im still on the fence for Thor.

alycakes3681d ago

I'm looking forward to X-Men First Class. That's another one of my favorite movies....Can't wait!