'Breakout Kings': Like Father, Like Son (1.06) Review - The Voice Of TV

The Voice Of TV writes: "It was inevitable that soon enough we would have our first mad bomber on this show. We’ve had an arsonist, a child molestor (well supposedly), and a few others thus far this season. It was in due time we would get someone who liked to go “BOOM.” Breakout Kings hit a high note in its third episode, however since then it was gradually gone down. This is not to say that the show is heading for the graveyard – call it the freshman blues. We are just at the halfway point of the season, it could pick up again soon. 'Like Father, Like Son' is not exactly the explosive episode I was hoping for but it sticks true to the nature of the show."

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alycakes3473d ago

I'm starting to get into this show. It has it's moments. I'm still very curious about a few things so I'm waiting on answers.