100 Things We Love About the Movies

John over at The Droid You’re Looking For has recently put together his second edition of 100 things he loves about the movies, and his enthusiasm for the film medium has spread all over the staff of Anomalous Material. They jumped on the bandwagon and share 100 things from the world of films that brings them joy and passion.

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-MD-3487d ago

It's just a list of movie quotes? Lame.

Quagmire3486d ago

Thanks for the heads up.

Cat3486d ago

Yeah, I was hoping for more - but it did give me the bright idea to watch The Shawshank Redemption again!

ShAkKa3486d ago

They aren't all just movie quotes but it is a pretty lame list nonetheless.

-MD-3486d ago

True but that's the majority of it.

MinimeJer053486d ago

I must agree with some of the other comments, this article was kind of disappointing. I was expecting something else, not sure what, but something else!

GodofwarGoty3484d ago

these isnt really a list of things you love of movies i couldnt really understand what it is.