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Five Reasons You Need To See 'Hanna'

MTV: There's no shortage of reasons for you to see "Hanna" now that it's finally arrived in theaters. Indeed, Saoirse Ronan explained it best — "Just go! Just go to it!" — when I asked her why movie fans should commit their hard-earned dollars to the pulse-pounding fairy tale action thriller this weekend.

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Soldierone3679d ago

I dont need 5 reasons, I just need 10 dollars so i can afford it! The trailers make it look extremely good so I want to see it and will eventually, just not in theaters.

-MD-3679d ago

I just need a girlfriend that likes movies. Or anyone in general that likes movies to go with me.

I haven't been to the theater since True Grit.

Megaton3678d ago

I haven't been to the theater since 300.

-MD-3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

I had to pay my younger brother to go with me last night to see Your Highness (his ticket). Sad.

But whoa 300? That's nuts.

Megaton3676d ago

Nothing interests me enough to feel like I need to go out and see it at a theater.

Christopher3679d ago

It was okay. Go see it at matinee if you can. For most, I'm thinking they will be better off waiting for it to his OnDeman/Rental.

alycakes3671d ago

Since action,drama and suspense are my thing I enjoyed very much. I went to the matinee so it didn't cost a lot but it was my type of movie anyway. Good ending!