Will Ferrell Debuts As New Boss on 'The Office'

THR: The actor plays DeAngelo Vickers, the new boss at Dunder-Mifflin's Scranton, Pa., branch. Vickers is (temporarily?) taking over for Steve Carell's Michael Scott, who in the previous episode became engaged to Holly (Amy Ryan) and announced he was moving with her to Colorado.

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-MD-2931d ago

I don't really care what anybody says I'm ready for this change in The Office. Nobody but me seems to be looking forward to it.

Soldierone2931d ago

Wow! Will is in the Office now....I love Carrell so don't take it wrong at all, but I might start checking out the show again. Being he is new and probably paid a ton he will be a major focus in the entire thing.

I just hope they allow him to be goofy and destroy things, not this professional goofy non sense.

-MD-2931d ago

You haven't been following the story? The Office would be pointless to me if I just hopped around episodes and didn't watch them in order.

Soldierone2931d ago

Yeah I kinda lost interest in the style of comedy it puts out. Its funny and everything you just HAVE to pay attention week in and week out, and well i dont like watching TV.

-MD-2931d ago

I download everything I watch so it's never a hassle for me about missing an episode or something like that.

It's not a super funny show but it does have its moments.

Castor2931d ago

Yea I like Carrell in The Office but I stopped watching the show long ago. Let's face it, it went downhill pretty fast once Pam and Jim tied the knots... With Will Ferrell on board, I might give it a try again soon.

upturned22930d ago

Most people think so, and some of the episodes weren't all that good, but they've been hilarious this season.

theafroman2931d ago

It's really happening hes leaving :(

JL2931d ago

I know. It's kinda sad. Like the end of an era. Not really sure how well this show will survive without Carell.

chrisgay2931d ago

Quite funny that The Office survived for a long time and peaked with Ricky Gervais long before Carell.

Yeah, I know it isn't technically the same show, I'm just being annoying and patriotic. I hope this doesn't go down the wrong way.

Crazay2931d ago

Farrell is a talentless douche - His entering this series is a testament to hollywood being tired of his old schtick. This show is total crap in my opinion. The death knell is sounding thankfully.

RockmanII72931d ago

He's got a good sense of humor at the right times

Crazay2930d ago

I have a great sense of humor - That doesn't make me a good actor.

KwietStorm2930d ago

Nobody ever claimed Farell to be a good actor, anywhere. He's funny though. That's the point. Are you implying Steve Carell is a good actor?

upturned22930d ago

WATCH Stranger Than Fiction.

he is fantastic in that.

Crazay2930d ago

He's actually not even funny in the least. As someone else in this post said "He's a man child" and he portrays every character the same. That guy hit the nail right on the head with that remark.

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