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First Look At Jeremy Renner As Hawkeye In This Clip From Thor

Watch this clip from Thor in which the God of Thunder struggles to beat up a security guard, and Hawkeye just sort of lurks in the background to watch.

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-MD-3679d ago

Blink and you miss it @ 0:24

Defectiv3_Detectiv33678d ago

Is Hawkeye getting his own film treatment or is he going to appear as a supporting character in other films? I don't understand why they brought in a relatively big name actor like Renner for the role if he's only making a glorified cameo. Nice find btw.

Christopher3678d ago

Not sure he's going to get his own treatment. In fact, not likely since they'll want to focus on the more notable types and they don't have enough money to make a movie about each one and the Avengers.

I'm guessing he's here, if that really is him, just to show him in the proper timeline of joining SHIELD.

-MD-3678d ago

Hawkeye isn't getting his own film but he's supposed to show up in multiple films in small parts and then have a larger role in The Avengers.

Christopher3678d ago

Honestly not even sure that is Hawkeye. At least not Renner as Hawkeye.

Quagmire3678d ago

Wow, this made me NOT want to watch Thor even more. At least after watching the 4min trailer for Lantern restoring my interest, looks better than this tripe.

hazelamy3678d ago

there is one scene i really want to see in the avengers movie, it was in the animated ultimate avengers movie, where the hulk tries to pick up thor's hammer.
it would be so cool to see them recreate that scene.

anyway, as a big comic book fangirl i'm loving what they're doing linking all the films together like this, i just hope they don't just forget the whole single world thing in the films that follow the avengers, because that would be such a shame.

how is it dc aren't doing something similar with their titles?
with the dc warner connection you'd think it would be easier for dc to do something like this than it would for marvel.

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