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'The Hangover Part II': Liam Neeson's Cameo Cut From Film

Ew Says:

Taken star Liam Neeson has been, well, taken out of The Hangover Part II. A Warner Bros. rep confirms to EW that the cameo Neeson filmed for the May 26 sequel has been cut from the comedy’s final draft. As Todd Phillips told Variety, the scene — in which Neeson played a tattoo artist — was snipped during the editing process when the director decided to do reshoots. Since the Oscar-nominated star was unavailable for additional filming, Phillips wasn’t able to shoot the altered scene with Neeson.

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-MD-3679d ago

Well that's disappointing. All this hoopla over replacing Mel Gibson with Neeson and nothing even comes out of it.

Sahil3679d ago

Never seen Neeson in a comedy and now, never will :(

hazelamy3679d ago

can somebody insert a phantom menace being a joke of a film joke here please? i can't think of one right now. ^_^

ShAkKa3678d ago

You'll probably get to see it on the Blu-Ray release ;)

Soldierone3679d ago

Sounds like it was a marketing scheme for their special edition release...."Check out the delete Neeson scene! BUY NOW!"

Quagmire3679d ago

I wont lie. I would buy it just for that.

TheEatingChampagne3679d ago

Fuck them =\ I will watch this movie regardless of his presence there.. But still =[

-MD-3679d ago

Yeah it's pretty bullshit that this happened.