LRA: Your Highness - Theatrical Review

David Weaver from Lights Remote Action writes: Once again I am here feeling as though I need to defend a film that is just being ravaged by the critics out there. What were people expecting? Did all these critics see the same trailer I did? How could anyone after seeing those trailers (especially the red band one) or the art work for the posters where you see Danny McBride throwing up a deuce while letting smoke out his mouth and nostrils like a chimney expect anything other than what we got? The question never was whether or not its humor would be high brow or clever though. The question has always been how low exactly were director David Gordon Green and star/writer Danny McBride willing to go to elicit some laughs. To which the answer is pretty dam low and often times unnecessarily so, but that doesn't mean I didn't laugh my ass off in that crowded theater full of stoners. If you find constant vulgar terms to be offensive then you have no right to see Your Highness.

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Defectiv3_Detectiv33689d ago

Thank god, another 'Your Highness' review!

dweavis3685d ago

Lol, yeah there are a quite a few of them out there. But at least this one is one of the very few positive reviews.