Box Office Magazine: Your Highness Review

Box office magazine: If scatological humor, endless dick jokes and profanity are all required for a comedy to work these days then Your Highness could be a smash hit. Unfortunately, the film itself has to be funny and Highness (Get it? Druggies?) is so thuddingly awful you won't crack a smile. This miserable, medieval inside-joke watches two princes journey to save a virgin before an evil wizard can deflower her. It fails so completely at its reach for lowness that you may find yourself crying out for Mel Brooks, Monty Python, hell even Cheech OR Chong to swoop in and save the thing. No such luck. Audiences will be limited to the least demanding ticket buyers and probably a lot of 13-year-old wannabe potheads who will sneak into this hard ‘R' mirthless-fest after paying to see Rango.

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