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( My 10 Favorite Movies of 2010

Arcee: So after getting a chance to finally see all of my favorite movies from 2010 a second time (this time in the comforts of my own home) I have finally decided which of these movies will make up my 10 favorite movies of that year. Right off from the start, I will say that I am glad that several animated films made the list. The years of animation being seen as a purely child’s genre are hopefully finally coming to an end. Three movies showed the general public that an animated film could be just as entertaining to adults and still appeal to children of all ages. Two movies on the list are there just because I am a guy and they definitely appealed to the immature and testosterone base individual in me. Four of the movies on the list are based on pure fanboyism. They were definitely not everyone’s favorites, but they appealed to me in a way that it did not to others; and I have no shame in admitting it. The final movie that comprises this list was just so unique and bold that it would be almost irresponsible to ignore. But enough talk, let me share my 10 best movies of 2010 with you all now…

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-MD-3684d ago

Hands down best film of 2010 for me was Kick-Ass. Expendables belongs nowhere near my top 10 though.

Arcee3684d ago

The Expendables is one of those movies that I was able to sit and watch with my dad and step-dad and just enjoy the mindless plot and violence and just enjoy it at that level, nothing more.

-MD-3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

It was one of my most anticipated of the year but I was pretty disappointed. I can see how you enjoying it with your family would make it to your list but it wasn't the same for me.

I felt like the whole movie was rushed. All of the supporting actors had 2-5 minutes of screen time each and were wasted talent. The whole plot was also pretty dumb and the CGI blood was probably the worst I've ever seen.

People disagree with me I know but I wasn't impressed. I wanted so much more. I'll watch the sequel if it ever comes out and hope for the best.

MinimeJer053684d ago

Only thing I can agree with is Inception and Kick-Ass.

Jackass 3D was fun, but nothing special.

The Expendables was a complete disappointment. The latest Rambo was far superior.

Prince of Persia was HORRIBLE. Complete garbage.

Iron Man 2 was worse then the mediocre Iron Man.

How to Train your Dragon was awesome, I'll give ya that.

Despicable Me just didn't work for me. Came off kind of stupid and boring.

Tron: Legacy was a let down compared to the first. Relied to much on its visuals.

Toy Story 3 was great, probably the best animated film of 2010, but it doesn't belong at the #1 spot imo.

-MD-3684d ago

I saw Jackass 3 in theaters with my two older brothers (first time ever I think...) but we all enjoyed it. I died laughing at the electric avenue taser hallway skit.

- Agreed on Expendables
- Haven't watched PoP yet and I have no real desire to
- Iron Man 2 was decent and about on par with the first one
- HTTYD was a very very fun movie
- I didn't especially love Despicable me, I think I gave it a 3/5 or something when I watched it. It was pretty average as far as animated films go.
- Haven't seen Tron:Legacy mostly because I know nothing about it and I haven't seen the original.
- Toy Story 3 was good but I enjoyed How to Train Your Dragon more.

MinimeJer053684d ago

Yeah, thinking back, I do remember really enjoying HTTYD the first time around in theaters, but when I watched Toy Story 3 at home, it came out ahead. I think TS 3 just manages to do better on repeat viewings then HTTYD.

Iron Man tends to be the only movie that I disagree with a lot of people about. I found the first one to be really boring and kind of over rated. Its a great role for RDJ, but I was never interested with the Iron Man character as a kid and I still am not interested now. I'm more of a Punisher type of guy.

Arcee3684d ago

@MinimeJer05: If only they could make a great Punisher movie. But it would have to be a movie that will push the limit of the R rating. The Punisher is a deeper character than most people think he is and in the previous movies they forget that in favor of the violence and action.

MinimeJer053684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

@Arcee: Oh, I know! It sucks that we can't get that balance. I thought 2004's version with Thomas Jane was able to capture more of the emotion of The Punisher, but it lacked the violence and revenge and instead made The Punisher look like a pussy.

The 2008 Punisher: War Zone managed to give us that awesome visual style of The Punisher mixed with the extreme violence, but it lacked depth for the character and went into "campy" territory. I will fully admit that I love the 08 version and it's my favorite of the three films made about him, but I still think there is someone out there that can find that perfect balance.

If they do give Punisher another try they should cast Ray Stevenson again, he IS The Punisher.

Arcee3684d ago

He did make a great Punisher, and showed signs of that emotion that could have made the character work. It wasn't his fault that the director and writer lacked the ability to make the character work.

The Jane version had that emotional mix but I agree, with the lack of extreme measures the Punisher would usually go to, he came off looking like a pussy.

OSIRUSSS3684d ago

1) Scott Pligrim
2) Let me In
3) Jack ass 3d
4) Kickass
5) True Grit
6-10) Meh

newn4gguy3684d ago

Scott Pilgrim and Kickass are above the rest, IMO.

Let Me In was great.

Inception was generic Nolan drivel.

JL3683d ago

Somebody just hates Nolan it seems.

newn4gguy3683d ago

No. I like Nolan. I love all of his movies except The Prestige and Inception. Both of them felt generic to me.

Sahil3683d ago

LOL.. you need to see Inception again.

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