'X-Men' VFX Wiz Tim Miller To Direct 'Deadpool'

Deadline: Tim Miller, who has done strong visual effects work on X-Men and other VFX-heavy films, was just set by 20th Century Fox to make his feature directing debut on X-Men Origins: Deadpool, the X-Men spinoff film expected to star Ryan Reynolds. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are writing the script and Lauren Shuler Donner is producing.

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JL3691d ago

Hmm I kinda have high hopes for this movie, hoping that it will be something fresh to this all but worn out genre, but a first-time director getting the nod because of his FX work doesn't instill much faith for me. Sure he's made some pretty good looking stuff, but it takes a lot more than that to make a good movie.

-MD-3691d ago

The Superhero genre is worn out?

JL3690d ago

That's sarcasm right? I hope.

Christopher3690d ago

What isn't worn out in Hollywood, though?

OSIRUSSS3691d ago

I agree. I will give this movie a Chance and Reynolds as DP is ok. But there has to be a actor out there that is better suited.

JL3691d ago

I think Reynolds is ok as the character. His personality, quick-wittedness and his sense of humor would lend well to the character. Plus he has the physique and "action" ability to do it well. On top of that, he is actually a really decent actor (watch Buried).

So, I think he's a perfectly fine fit. Honestly, I'm not sure I can think of anybody that could be better. Now let's just see if Reese and Wernick and properly write the character.

Quagmire3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

I dont care who directs it (would prefer Robert Rodriguez), or how its made, but there are 4 Key elements needed to make this film great

1: Ryan Reynolds IS Deadpool
2: It better have a R16 or higher rating with lots of swearing and blood.
3: Better break the 4th wall
4: Better be funny

JL3690d ago

All great points. I think Reynolds could do great as Deadpool (given that he's written properly, rather than the way the character was written in the X-Men movie).

I think they've definitely confirmed that it will break the 4th wall. They've said it definitely has humor in it too I think. Of course that's a matter of opinion. Of course they think it's funny if they wrote it.

The rating is the kicker. I definitely think it could be better worked with an R rating. Of course, given the nature of the movie and the studio wanting to make money, I could totally see them watering it down to get a lower rating, thus a bigger audience.