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'Your Highness' Takes Critical Beating

THR: Oscar-winner Natalie Portman and nominee James Franco are not receiving the same praise they got during awards season for their efforts in the new medieval comedy Your Highness, co-starring Danny McBride (who also co-wrote the script) and in theaters Friday.

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martynmj3690d ago

Ouch! After watching various clips and trailers i thought this film looked quite good

-MD-3690d ago

The trailers are hilarious and don't match the reviews at all. They must have either showed all the best parts in the trailers or reviewers are just insane.

cody2oo3690d ago

think reviewers are just be coming more and more strict on what they deem entertaining, i can see portman fans being like "black swan was beast, so portman must bring that talent to this......WTH did i watch??????"

I enjoyed this movie because majority of the time im like "how did they come up with stuff!"

Scyrus3689d ago

honestly critics are morons lately. if a moviee is not 100% brilliant than it sux. they judge it as if it was trying to be serious or something.

if u look and user reviews compared to critic reviews the users Love it and critics hate it.

i think it was a great ridiculous movie as did everyone else i know. i dont trust critics anymore, not for the past few years

Castor3689d ago

I have to disagree. It's not like people rushed to see the movie and audiences certainly have spoken, as the movie flopped badly at the box office (not even in the top 5??)

FaSCoRP3689d ago

Trailers were boring and not fun. The only good comedy about kind of Robind Hood tales was perfectly made by Mel Brooks ages ago.