The Media Stomp - Your Highness Review

Jeremy of The Media Stomp wrote, "I think Your Highness is going to be a very important film in Danny McBride's career. This is probably the widest released movie that he has every been considered the star of. This will really make or break him as a selling point for these types of comedies. It is very obvious that he has a certain style of acting and I'm hoping Your Highness will prove that he has an audience that wants to watch him do his thing! I for one LOVE Danny McBride, I think he's one of the funniest actors out there and I hope to see him headline more films like this, but I hope that those future films are better. Your Highness isn't a bad movie at all, it's actually very funny, but it isn't quite on par with the directors last film, Pineapple Express."

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MinimeJer053691d ago

I'm surprised this movie is getting such low reviews. I thought it was quite enjoyable. Nothing perfect, but I thought it would find an audience, guess not.

cody2oo3691d ago

same here, one in a few movies i know of with this set up. was dull at moments, but i was entertained a lot.