Jessica Biel Offered Lead Role in 'Total Recall' Redo

Bloody-Disgusting says:

After carousing a list of potential female leads, Variety is reporting that Sony Pictures may be close to landing Jessica Biel (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Blade: Trinity) for one of two female leads for its Total Recall reboot.

Biel is circling a role opposite Colin Farrell in the pic. Sony has offered her the role but no discussions are underway. It's unclear which role she would play.

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Crazay3692d ago

Is it strange that I hope she's cast as the chick with 3 boobs?

Quagmire3692d ago

LMFAO, thats the first thing I thought of too. They really should have that in the film as a fan service imo.

But realistically, Im guessing she is the chick that Arnie dreamed about, who ended up helping him.

Megaton3691d ago

Why does everything need a remake? Stop it. Doesn't anyone have a fresh idea anymore? It's always a stolen foreign film or a remake these days.

-MD-3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

I've always loved sequels and remakes and defended them for a long time but I'm getting to the point where I agree. Original movies are taking a backseat to all these remakes and sequels.

I still do welcome some though like the Childs Play remake that's supposed to be in the pipeline. I really want that.

All this says is that in 10-20 years when all our young actors are 30 they'll be starring in remakes of all the current films. I doubt it'll ever stop.

Quagmire3691d ago

Sucker Punch was a fresh idea, look what happened to that.

I personally loved it though.

Sahil3691d ago

Yeah, mostly all of the movies I've seen this year were either remakes or sequels. But, I don't feel there are much remakes/sequels as compared to the originals.