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Can Scream 4 Succeed?

AnalogHype writes "It’s been officially eleven years since anyone cared about anything The Spice Girls did. Eleven years ago, there was no iPhone, Android or High Definition. Eleven years ago there was no Analoghype and I was an angst ridden eighteen year old Communications Major at New England College with a Phi Delta on one arm and a twelve pack under the other. So what the hell does any of this have to do with anything.. Well, next Friday the long awaited next chapter of the Scream saga will be released. But is this a little too much too late?"

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Defectiv3_Detectiv33680d ago

I do find it odd that the movie opens in less than a week and they have yet to unleash the media blitz for it. Still, I have faith. The sequels to Scream were actually pretty brilliant, although it will be interesting to see how the series can compete with the torture porn that the horror genre has evolved into.

JL3680d ago

Now that you mention it, you're right. I mean obviously I've seen stuff around just cause of the nature of this job and being a movie buff. But I have actually seen no advertising whatsoever for this movie. I can't even say I've seen a trailer play on TV. That does seem weird with it being so close to release.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33679d ago

From what I understand, they are keeping an embargo on the reviews so the ending isn't spoiled by reviews, but that still doesn't explain the total lack of ads.

MinimeJer053680d ago

I'm excited for Scream 4. I am VERY worried because Craven is a horrible director as of late, but my friend keeps reminding me that the original writer is back, so this could have potential. I'm going in with low expectations.

martynmj3680d ago

Going in with low expectations is probably the most sensible thing any one could do lol. I'm quite looking forward to it but i fear disappointment is inevitable!

Soldierone3680d ago

Ill admit I was amped to see it, everyone here knows that. However as of late im more or less "meh" about it. I think those scenes they released kinda killed my mood for it.

Im still gonna go see it, just wont be expecting as much as I was before. I just hope its not as horrible as nightmare on elm street or I WILL be asking for my money back.

MinimeJer053679d ago

I'm hoping it's not as bad as Cravens latest film, My Soul To Take. What a piece of garbage.

artrexler3675d ago

I'm excited for it but yeah same as some of you others, disappointed at the trailer clips. I'm not liking so many famous girls in it, unless they all get slashed nice and proper. I heard Dewey dies in this one? anyone else hear that rumor? I have to say my expectations aren't high but they definitely aren't low either. I already have plans to go out and see it. Can't wait for tomorrow!!