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Daryl Hannah Confirmed That There Will Be "Kill Bill 3"

Daryl Hannah discussed in the press conference prior to the opening of the Mostra de Valencia saga "Kill Bill" will be a third installment. The festival pays tribute to the actress in this edition.

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JL3681d ago

I really enjoyed Kill Bill 1 and 2, thought they were real good movies. Though, not really sure I see how they could do the third. I know, it says it'll be the daughter facing some rival, etc. But really, that just seems like a pretty much unrelated movie just using the Kill Bill name. The second one wrapped up the story well. Just seems a third would feel contrived.

Megaton3681d ago

I didn't like 2 nearly as much as the 1st one. I don't see a 3rd one being very substantive. It was good as 2, leave it alone.

JL3681d ago

Really? I thought, in some ways, 2 was actually better than the first. It was weird I guess cause they worked on two completely different levels. Part 1 was an over-the-top action flick. While Part 2 was more story and character-driven, focused more on the writing, etc.

For instance, that whole talk between Kiddo and Bill at the end of Part 2 was just great, especially his whole little Superman monologue.

Not arguing that I liked Part 2 more than Part 1. Just saying I liked them both differently. And I feel each did things better than the other. In the end I might slightly favor the second part, but I pretty much like them both equally.

Megaton3681d ago

I wouldn't say that I disliked KB2, but I liked the first one a lot more. I agree that it was definitely the more story/char-driven of the two, but I just wasn't feeling a lot of what they were handing out.

-MD-3681d ago

I liked both Kill Bill films but I can't say which is better because its been years since I've seen them both. I'm ready for a 3rd.