Be Befuddled And Intrigued By The First Trailer For Lars Von Trier's Disaster Movie Melancholia

CinemaBlend says:

Lars Von Trier is describing his new film Melancholia as "a beautiful movie about the end of the world," and it's hard to imagine what could make fans of the Dogville and Antichrist director happier to hear. The famously iconoclastic von Trier is back once again to merge the beautiful and the obscene and the terrifying into one captivating film, and this time it's going to be what he's described as a disaster movie, a von Trier take on what happens when a planet crashes into Earth. Namely it seems to be distracting Kirsten Dunst from an unhappy new marriage, but I'm sure it has other consequences too.

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Crazay3693d ago

Lars is completely and totally out to lunch which is probably why I kinda dig his style. Anit CHrist was one totally effed up movie and it was extremely hard to watch in some scenes. This is the kind of movie that really interests me and the casdt he's got lined up is pretty sweet.

I'll def. catch this one.

Quagmire3692d ago


what the hell did I just watch...