Top DVD/Blu-ray Sales and Rentals for the Week Ending April 3, 2011

I’m back for another week taking a look at the DVD sales and rentals market and seeing which movies made an impact last week. This covers the entire week’s sales and rentals for the week ending April 3, 2011. Last week we saw the release of two critically-acclaimed movies: Black Swan and Tangled, as well as a few other more minor releases. Here look at how those two did in their debut week as well as what other movies had a big week.

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-MD-3494d ago

Tangled was very enjoyable so it deserves to be on top.

JL3494d ago

I would've preferred to see Black Swan on top, but I knew that wasn't really going to happen. If it wasn't for Portman winning Best Actress I don't think that many people would even be truly aware of the movie. It just isn't one of those ones that appeals to a mass market.

I thought Tangled was pretty good, though and definitely knew it would do good.

Now watch the Rapunzel groupie (aka Soldier) come in here and chastise me for only saying "pretty good" instead of "amazingly awesome" lol ;)

Crazay3494d ago


I have no desire to see either of those movies but you're right about Black Swan. I knew nothing about it until I was on here one day and there was an insane amount of Oscar buzz. Truth be told, I probably wouldn't have bothered with it had it not been for this site and the knowledge of a Mila Kunis/Natalie Portman makeout session.

JL3494d ago

lol See case in point. Ahh yes, the Kunis/Portman makeout session/lesbian scene. That's another one that drew some attention to it a bit from people who wouldn't have normally gave a crap about it. lol

Crazay3494d ago

At least I'm honest about my reasons for checking it out.

JL3494d ago

lol I'm just messing with you. If I'm honest, that makeout scene gave me extra incentive to go see it :D

Soldierone3493d ago

I would, but I literally just received Black Swan a couple minutes ago (from winning it here) so I will be nice :P

It actually made my day, saw it laying there and opened it and immediately told my GF "We are watching Black Swan this weekend!" haha

However look at the friggin marketing behind Tangled. My god, If I hated that movie Id be killing myself by now. However im loving life :D

JL3493d ago

lol Playing nice since you got free stuff from me huh.

But that's good. I was actually wondering earlier today if y'all got that yet.

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