Entertainment Focus - Review: Legend Of The Guardians

Soren (Jim Sturgess - 21) and his brother Kludd (Ryan Kwanten - True Blood) are young barn owls that have never ventured past the confines of their home. When a flying lesson ends up with them falling to ground level, both Soren and Kludd fear the worst. They have never been to ground before and the safety of their treetop lodge seems far away as none of them can fly properly yet. Just then they get abducted by a gang of ruffians. They work for the evil Nyra (Helen Mirren – RED) a wicked queen looking to use owls as slaves to do her bidding. It’s up to Soren to try and escape but Kludd soon likes his new life and the respect he gets from his captors. Their differing attitudes force the brothers to become enemies, Kludd hell bent on doing Nyra’s bidding to gain a respect he never got at home whilst Soren looks to defeat them both and return home. But to do that he will need to get help from the wise owls of Ga’hoole, a legendary band of protectors who fight to keep Nyra at bay.

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