Juan Carlos Fresnadillo to Direct The Crow Remake

Jeremy of The Media Stomp wrote, "Relativity Media has announced that Juan Carlos will be directing the upcoming re-invention of The Crow. This is pretty big news for all fans of the original Crow film. Usually this types of films get no name directors that are solely there to make a film and get quick cash, but the announcement of Juan Carlos makes me believe that they are actually trying to make a GOOD movie. Carlos was responsible for directing 28 Weeks Later, the sequel to the awesome 28 Days Later. While 28 Weeks wasn't better than 28 Days, I will say that I really enjoyed it and I put it up there on my best sequels list. He managed to capture the same style of the first film by using those crazy shots for the infected mixed with the very loud and pulse pounding score. "

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SactoGamer3694d ago

The original "The Crow" was such a masterpiece. Why mess with (near) perfection?

MinimeJer053693d ago

Yeah, there is no need for a remake, but at least there channeling a faithful director.

Quagmire3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

Interesting, I wonder who will be cast to play as Crow? I would cast Jospeh Gordon Levitt for my version. Or maybe Cillian Murphy, he can pull of that sophisticated psycho personality really well.

MinimeJer053693d ago

Cillian Murphy would be a great call! Or perhaps maybe Ben Foster? I've always rooted for Ben in everything he's done. Such a great actor with lots of flexibility as far as roles go.

3:10 to Yuma, Pandorum, Hostage, Alpha Dog, The Messenger, 30 Days of Night.

All had excellent performances by Ben, even with the films themselves weren't that great.

I always thought that he would have made the better Freddy Krueger then say Jackie Earl Haley.