C&G Reviews Your Highness

It’s always nice when left-of-center talents get free reign in Hollywood. Watching Your Highness, it’s very clear that star Danny McBride and director David Gordon Green made the exact film they wanted. Equal parts bizarre gross-out/stoner comedy and straight-faced homage to cheesy 80s swords n’ dragons fantasy flicks like Willow, The Dark Crystal, or Dragonslayer, the movie clearly springs directly from their collective adolescent movie obsessions. Filled with off-color gags about child-diddling puppets and minotaur penises, this movie isn’t the result of studio execs packaging a product, but a few longtime friends and collaborators getting to let loose a deeply bizarre and idiosyncratic vision with Universal Studios covering the tab. Unfortunately, the film is a failed experiment, trying to be too many different movies at the same time. However, it’s at least an interesting failure with a handful of memorable moments and it’s better to see strong talents fail on their own terms rather than being crushed by studio politics and expectations.

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-MD-3491d ago

I'll probably love the movie because I laughed a good 3-4 times on the trailer alone so I'm going to ignore the scores of these reviews. It's got a terrible rating though so far sitting at 27% on RT which is lame.